Jon Favreau Reveals What to Expect in ‘Iron Man 2’

Actor-director calls in to talk Marvel movies

October 2, 2008
Photo: Marvel

Jon Favreau called in to promote the DVD release of “Iron Man.”

Howard asked if he would’ve signed a multi-picture deal for the “Iron Man” franchise, and Jon said he would have (if the deal was right), but Marvel never offered.

As a result, they had to negotiate with Jon after the success of the first film, and Jon is now reaping the benefits. Jon said he was working on the script for “Iron Man 2” with Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Theroux, who wrote the first one. The film may introduce War Machine, one of Iron Man’s allies, and Mandarin, Iron Man’s main nemesis.

Ralph Cirella called in and. begged Jon for one of the “Iron Man” helmets before geeking out over all the DVD’s great extras.

Howard asked Jon what he thought of “The Dark Knight,” and Jon said it was vastly different from “Iron Man” but also a very “important” film with great chances during the award season.

Robin Quivers wondered if there would be any superhero cameos in “Iron Man 2” like there were in the first “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk,” and Jon said there probably would be, as the films are building toward “The Avengers” movie, which will feature all the big Marvel characters.