LT Lays Claim To His Name

October 28, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former NY Giant Lawrence “LT” Taylor stopped by to promote the video game he’s involved with, “Blitz: The League 2,” and Howard asked him to list some of the dumbest gigs he gets offered. LT joked that it was “marrying people.” Artie told a story about meeting LT years ago: “He said, ‘Where can I go f’ some bitches?’ We ran out of there. We thought he would take us to the bitches.” Howard asked LT when he last spoke to OJ, and LT said “Before the trial,” adding that if he were in OJ’s position, he’d have done the same thing: “I’d go get my shit back…[I told him] ‘I’ll see you when you get back’ [from jail].”

Artie wondered what LT thought of LaDainian Tomlinson who plays for the San Diego Chargers and is also called LT, but LT just laughed: “When I hear it on the TV, I’m like, ‘Wow. Am I doing something?'” Artie suggested the call LaDainian “Baby LT” or “BLT.” Howard then began investigating LT’s romantic resume, but LT stonewalled him on most fronts, including OJ’s daughter, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife and even OJ’s girlfriend. LT confessed that he’s redirected the energy he used to spend on womanizing to the golf course, which usually involved a “friendly” wager and was often followed by dinner at his favorite strip club, Tootsie’s.

LT’s Safe Schedule

Howard asked how much a handjob cost at his favorite strip club, and LT laughed: “I heard they were about 75 dollars…I heard that in the back, you gotta pay. But I don’t go in the back.” LT explained that his schedule didn’t allow him any time to stray: “It’s better now that I do what I want and the stress of going out there [and messing around is gone]. I got what I need.” The crew then wondered if LT would ever want to be a coach, but his response was quick: “I would rather watch two chickens f’ than coach football.”