Beth O Ran Her Own Race

Beth completed the New York Marathon yesterday

November 3, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show noting that Beth completed the New York Marathon yesterday with a time of 4:15:36. Howard added that she actually improved her pace over the course – despite stopping to go to (and wait in line for) the bathroom three times: “She ran a negative split. She got faster…She said, ‘I want to enjoy the race.'” Howard laughed that he went out to see Beth as she crossed the finish line and tried to wear a disguise (sunglasses and a cap): “And each [paparazzi] photo is worse than the next. I look like an old bird…Look at the Daily News if you want to see a nightmare.” Robin asked if Beth hit what marathoners call “the wall” at the 20/22-mile mark, but Howard said Beth’s training prepared her for it: “Not really. She said that wasn’t a problem for her.”