Call in Depressed, Win a Prize

November 12, 2008

A caller named Raphael called in and started crying, saying he was dying: “It’s weird. You know how some people get lucky and get cancer and they die? I got no one on this planet.” Howard wondered if a game might brighten Raphael’s day, and he jumped at the chance: “Please make me play something!” Howard speculated that he should just give Raphael money outright, but he resisted: “Oh no you can’t do that! Please make me do something.” Howard decided to give Raphael the money if he got just one question right in the Does Bigfoot Know Them? Game: does Bigfoot know who Ben Franklin was? Raphael predicted that Bigfoot would know Ben Franklin had something to do with electricity. Howard then played Bigfoot’s response: “The one who invented uh electricity.”