John Stamos Is a Good Time

Actor stops by to promote his Lifetime movie "The Two Mr. Kissels"

November 13, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

John Stamos stopped by to promote his new Lifetime movie “The Two Mr. Kissels” and bragged about running into the beautiful Natalie Portman on a hike the other day.

Howard speculated that John was already banging her: “The minute after John meets these girls, he’s banging them.” John said he was a one woman guy these days, adding that his girlfriend, Leah, is a big fan: “She likes you…I have a great picture of her in your shower. I’ll show you. Just her butt. It’s really cute.” John noted that the picture was taken when he and Leah hung with Howard and Beth during their “honeymoon” at their Hamptons home. Doug Goodstein came in to say his wife was blown away by John’s “aura” at Howard’s wedding, so John apologized: “Sorry, Doug…Give me your wife’s number.” John and Howard talked a little about how some of the wedding guests went outside to smoke pot during the wedding and Howard recalled that the last time he smoked pot, he was with John at Mr. Chow’s in LA: “I didn’t like it. And then what’s-his-name drove the wrong way down the street because the paparazzi were chasing us.” John laughed that “what’s-his-name” was Rick Rubin.

He’s Not a Doctor, He Just Plays One On TV

John took issue with Robin for never thanking him after he donated two personal tours of the “E.R.” set to her Girls Night Out charity, and Robin apologized: “I feel bad.” Howard asked if it was true that John had turned down a spin-off featuring his “E.R.” character, and John said it had been discussed but never developed. Howard wondered if anything had developed between John and Victoria’s Secret model Emma Heming, so John said: “That was fast. That was just a transitional, uh…she’s with Bruce Willis now.”

Eric the Mooch

Howard asked if John had any advice for dudes that wanted to date Victoria’s Secret models, and John joked: “Don’t marry ’em.” Eric the Midget called in to ask if he could further his acting career with a guest spot on an episode of “E.R.”, so the crew brainstormed possible roles – for instance; an aborted fetus or a parasitic twin. Eric said he’d just like to be a patient, and John promised to put a word in for him.