Let’s Spend the Night Together

November 20, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard laughed that the guys slept in the green room last night, and Jared said it was tortuous. JD had gone out like a light, leaving Jared to lie there on the floor, in the dark and deal with High Pitch Mike, who came in every hour to take the pair’s picture. JD said he was closest to bailing at around the 12 hour mark, but his bond with Jared helped him through it: “I can be a little more nicer to him or I should be or whatever.” Jared said JD “puts up this wall so no one can connect with him emotionally…he opened up to me…and I got to hear him on the phone with his brother.” Jared had only one complaint: in 24 hours, JD didn’t wash his hands once. Gary then unlocked the cuffs and Howard presented the happy couple with $4650 each – $100 for every hour, the $1,000 24-hour bonus, an additional $1,000 24-bonus courtesy of Dominic Barbara and $250 from Artie, who split the $500 he won betting with Robin on the contest.