King of All Blacks Gets a Makeover

December 2, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of all Blacks asked Robin when it was appropriate to wear his mink coat (“I got a hat to match it, too.”) but Howard cut in, saying it was too ridiculous to begin with: “I know it’s a sign of affluence for you…but it’s weird, a street-sweeper wearing a mink.” Robin was baffled: “You really think that’s a hot look? That’s what I can’t figure out.” Howard told King that he certainly couldn’t wear the mink today: “It’s 50 degrees. You gotta wait ’til it’s cold.” King confessed that he recently had his nose “touched up” and soon hoped to have the bags under his eyes removed. Howard couldn’t figure out what King was getting plastic surgery for: “You’re not in the movies.” King dismissed Howard’s argument, saying he’d lost about 38lbs since the crew had seen him last and just wanted to finish what he started.