Greg Fitzsimmons Will Kick Your Ass

December 3, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Greg Fitzsimmons came in to sit in on Robin’s news and immediately complained about Tim Sabean refusing to pay for his hotel while he was in town. Greg then confessed that he took Ambien to go to sleep last night and – despite Howard’s doubts that the pills might interfere with his sobriety – seemed fine with it – although it did hamper his attempts to pleasure himself. Greg said he did have some things going for him, like a show he sold recently called “Dream Police,” in which interventions are staged for people who are pursuing unrealistic dreams/goals.

Greg noted that he recently got in a fistfight, explaining that some guy was speeding/swerving down his street, so he chased him down in his car and confronted him. The guy had a French accent and looked Arabic: “And I don’t want that to sound racist, but it just tipped it for me.” Greg said he slapped the guy’s glasses off and then punched him in the face – twice. After hearing about the incident, Greg’s wife demanded that he return to therapy.