William Shatner is Miffed

December 8, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

William Shatner stopped by to promote his new A & E interview show, “Raw Nerve,” and immediately complained about not getting the chance to appear in the latest “Star Trek” movie. Howard asked if it bothered him to see Leonard Nimoy get a cameo in the new film, but William laughed that he was more upset that Leonard won’t tell him what he does in the film. A caller then told a story about seeing William in a strip club, but William denied it ever happened.

Shatner On Takei

Howard asked William if filming the final episode of “Boston Legal” was painful, which he admitted it was: “Oh yeah. But on the other hand, I’m free.” William then asked what George Takei did on the show, so Howard explained how George sometimes appears as the show’s announcer. William said he regretted how much George resented him: “At the end of this life, wouldn’t it be nice to leave without animus out there?” William promised to make good on his sentiment, noting that he hopes to interview George on the next season of “Raw Nerve,” assuming there is a next season. Howard joked that William should point all the cameras at himself during the interview: “Do it in my honor.” A caller asked if William had ever done drugs, so William said he’d gone to Amsterdam one time and tried mushrooms: “We ran up to the hotel room and stayed there for 24 hours and left the next day.”