Carol Alt is Nude For Jesus

Supermodel Carol Alt (in the past Fred has disputed this classification, however, in light of her recent triumph over cancer, Fred said he was giving her a pass) stopped by to promote her new Playboy pictorial – her first nude shoot ever. Howard asked how Carol reconciled her shoot with her newfound Christianity, so she explained that she wasn't a fanatic: "I just read my Bible in the morning." Carol also said she was capable of miracles herself - she cured herself of cancer with a raw food diet. Howard doubted her story, and eventually Carol admitted: "The only thing I did was [buy] a little time with progesterone."

Carol told a story about being "quasi raped" by "a famous tennis player," saying they went out a couple times and one night he offered to walk her back to her hotel room, where "he attacked me...I was about 18 or 19 years old...maybe I wanted it but not at that time or in that way. He threw me on the bed and ripped my panties off." Carol said he didn't get far: "I'm a feisty New Yorker...he got one right to the groin." Robin wanted more details about the guilty party, but Carol would only say he was foreign.

Howard stopped Carol mid-story and told her he loved how her breasts looked in her Playboy pictorial: "You have the boobs of a 19-year-old." Carol thanked Howard and bragged: "They defy gravity!" Howard told Carol that he also loved her big areolas: "And I don't usually love big areolas, but they're not too dark. What do you think about that?" Carol she wasn't sure: "I don't really think about that." Carol then claimed her Playboy pictures were totally un-retouched.