Robin Quivers Kooky Scale: Rating the Newswoman's Wacky Activities

Howard and the crew examine all of the Stern Show co-host's odd behavior

Howard laughed that Robin's kooky behavior was sometimes "off the charts," so he listed some of her stranger exploits and asked the crew to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Robin goes to LA to use a strange blood-pumping machine: Howard said it was a 10 on the kooky scale without a doubt – and he didn't even care to hear differing opinions. Gary said Robin's odd diets were an 8. Fred: 4. Artie: 9.5. Howard agreed: 9.5. Robin revealing that she masturbated with meat and vegetables. Gary: 6. Fred: 1 ("That slightly turns me on."). Artie: 8. Howard: 9. Robin's love of coffee enemas got a 10 across the board. Robin changes her name to "Robin Ophelia Quivers." Gary: 7. Fred: 1 (because his own name change - to "Eric" - makes any other rating hypocritical). Artie: 6. Howard: 6 or 7. Robin declaration that she was a devoted Wiccan and had joined a witches' coven. Everyone passed, when Robin claimed that she had never done this. Robin attempts to go swimming - when she can't swim. Fred: 7. Artie: 6. Howard just laughed and laughed. The giant picture of Robin that hangs in her dining room. Everyone agreed that it was kooky, but only a 3 comparison to the other incidents. The time Robin kissed Stuttering John. Gary: 8 or 9. Fred: 10. Artie: 1. Howard: 7.