Bubba Explains the Hogan Tapes

Howard got Bubba the Love Sponge, a close friend of the Hogan family, on the line to explain the strange language the Hogans used on the tapes of Nick Hogan's prison calls. Bubba explained that the language developed among carnies as a way to discuss carnival games in front of customers without letting them in on the scam. Bubba said the wrestling community eventually picked up on it as a way to call out "moves" in the ring without letting the audience know the match was fake/planned out. Howard and Robin asked why the Hogans would need to use it during a call to/from prison, but Bubba kind of avoided the question. Howard pressed on and played one of the tapes in which Nick and Hulk are talking in the "language." Brent (Bubba's producer, who was on the line and also speaks the language) interpreted: "The best I can tell, there's something in one of their houses that they don't want the authorities to find." Bubba agreed: "Nick's not doing the right thing. Nick needs to man up and shut up his mouth and get off the phone. They're recording."