Seth Rogan Is One Rich Stoner

Seth Rogen stopped by to promote "Pineapple Express" and said he was happy with the film's success, as its box office take over the first weekend nearly covered its break even point.

Howard asked if Seth smoked a lot of weed, and Seth admitted he did: "Like every day in high school." Howard told Seth that two of the female interns had battled over the privilege of handing him his release forms, so Seth admitted it was "weird" to be sex symbol: "I watch a lot of it's weird, 'cause they've become so attainable."

Howard noted that Katherine Heigl had spoken out against "Knocked Up" since its release, and Seth expressed surprise: "I think she just likes to, um, talk."

Seth told the crew about writing and starring in the upcoming production of "The Green Hornet" and said he'd be working on the script with his writing partner, Evan ("He's just some Jew I went to high school with."): "I'm trying to lose have to believe I can do physical activity."