Robin Explains Enema Lingo to Howard

January 6, 2009
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard started off the show saying he interrupted Robin yesterday and regretted it: “You were talking about how you are an expert at colonics at this point…we learned that the word ‘fill’ means the amount of time you hold the water in.” Robin said Howard was incorrect: “No no no no. The word fill refers to the amount of water you take in.”

Robin explained that her ability to take a “fill” usually impressed her colonic therapists: “Maybe 45 seconds or a minute [of water flow].” Howard laughed: “Is it like a rodeo, like how long you can ride this thing?”

Howard again asked if Robin was really nude from the waist down during the filling process, and Robin said she was – but she wears a drape when she’s on her side (when they insert the tube) and again when she turns onto her back (during the “fill”).