Has ‘American Idol’ Lost Its Hold on Eric the Midget?

January 13, 2009

Eric the Midget called in to say he was looking forward to the premiere of his “American Idol” commentary show tonight. Howard wondered if “American Idol” might seem trivial to Eric now that he’s no longer a virgin, explaining how he didn’t think Eric would have the same kind of un-attainable crushes he has had on past contestants now that he can get the real thing at the Bunny Ranch. But Eric didn’t think so: “I don’t know. I’ll probably still be voting for whoever…”

Robin thought Howard had an interesting point: “Maybe he won’t stay with the show. Maybe it’ll have no appeal to him at all.” Eric said he planned to make up the difference by having one of the Bunny Ranch whores on his commentary show, as she had actually auditioned for this season of “American Idol,” but one of his co-hosts objected.

Howard was surprised that Eric wasn’t able to call the shots on his own show, but Eric ignored him and began plugging away: “[My] store is back up in time for Valentine’s Day.” Robin laughed that she was relieved.

Attention Sacramento

Eric also plugged an “appearance” at an upcoming Sacramento Kings game, but Howard doubted it was really a paid appearance, as no one showed up to the last one. Eric claimed he was being paid a fee this time around, and Howard quickly figured out that if people buy tickets through a Kings-affiliated middleman, they’ll have the opportunity (like every other ticket holder) to approach Eric at his seat.