Jim Breuer on the Birth of ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Goat Boy

Comedian and repeat Stern Show guest also talks about his career

January 13, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jim Breuer stopped by to promote his upcoming comedy gigs and Howard asked him about the origin of one of his most famous characters, Goat Boy on “Saturday Night Live.”

The Birth of Goat Boy

Jim told the crew how he used to get stoned and go to the zoo and cry at the gorilla cage and laugh at the goats: “So when I went to ‘SNL,’ I pitched a character where a guy has Tourette’s but it comes out like a goat, and the more he drinks, the more the goat comes out … so the original [“Goat Boy”] sketch was a guy who goes to a party and has a drink and says, ‘So I’m from Long Isla-eheheheheheh!'”