JD Harmeyer is Dating Someone, But It’s ‘Very New’

January 27, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard learned that JD was dating someone, so JD came in to explain: “It’s something very new.” Howard asked if JD hung out with the girl at his apartment (“Yeah.”) and banged her: “Kinda…it only happened once.” JD added that he didn’t want to discuss it: “I’m just afraid of talking about any of it.”

Howard wondered how he met the girl, so JD laughed: “The Internet is a wonderful thing.” The crew then asked JD how he first got it on with the girl…and after a series of questions to break through the “uh”s and “I don’t know”s, they were finally able to piece together that the couple spent their first date in JD’s apartment watching a movie. JD bedded her soon after and lasted “a little while.”

Howard wondered if the girl stayed the night, but JD said no, explaining they just watched some Seinfeld (“We talked a little bit…I don’t know!”) and then left. Robin laughed: “Maybe you’ll be able to keep your tax return this year.” [JD spent last year’s tax refund at Ricks.]