Flavor Flav Stops By to Promote New DVD

Rapper announces he is the only man to have broadcast from jail

February 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Flavor Flav stopped by to promote his “Nite Tales” DVD and asked Robin if she was running for president: “You’re behind the bulletproof ‘boof’!” Flavor added that he felt partly responsible for Obama’s presidency: “A Jewish president is next!”

Howard wondered if Flavor had a tough time dating Bridget Nielsen: “Did you go down on her?” Flavor laughed: “I was already down on her! She’s 6’2″ [and] I’m 5’8″!” Flavor told the crew that he lost his virginity at 6-years-old: “We were experimenting, man…natural instincts.” Flavor laughed that he hasn’t stopped since: “My three oldest…they live out on Long Island [with their mother]…my middle three [with their mother]…they moved up to Albany…my last one, his name is Karma…he lives with me [and his mother] in Las Vegas.” Flavor said planned to keep going, as he wanted three more children.

Live from Cell #3432

Howard asked if Flavor if he still talked with former rap partner, Chuck D, and Flavor claimed he did: “There were times when he was trying to get up on my [VH1] show.”

Howard also wondered if Flavor would consider a return to radio. Flavor said he might – and noted that he used to work with Lisa G at Hot97: “Lisa’s always been single, man…honestly, I think Lisa’s scared. I think she’s scared of love from a man.”

Flavor noted that he was the only radio host to ever broadcast from jail, adding that his longest sentence was for two-and-a-half years: “I know it was wrong, what I did. But back in the day? I was the man!…The gang I was in, some of the stuff I had to do.”

Flavor told the crew that he faced some tough guys in prison: “They thought they’d make a name for themselves and beat up Flavor Flav…This was in the sixth building. The sixth building of Riker’s Island.”