Sal Had a Disgusting Task for ‘Inside the Porn Actor’s Studio’

February 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal told Howard that his job on the recently taped episodes of “Inside the Porn Actor’s Studio” was to smell the porn star’s genitals, but one recently made him re-think his role.

“She dug into herself and made me sniff her fingers. It was like ammonia and Swiss cheese…later on, she admitted that her boyfriend had dropped a load in her a few days before and she had left it in to ferment…I sniffed a man’s load!”

Richard and Sal Also Pee Together

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he heard that Sal and Richard pee together, so Sal came in to explain how they occasionally use the restroom together (peeing at once, into the same toilet) so they don’t interrupt whatever project they happen to be working on: “We don’t want the ritual to break up…Richard drops his pants down to his ankles when he pees.”

While Richard complained that Sal, “shakes that thing and water…I mean pee…goes everywhere.” Howard thought the duo’s reasons were flimsy: “That’s bullshit. You’re definitely bisexual.”