MLB Whistleblower Brian McNamee Talks Steroids

February 9, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

MLB steroid-use whistle-blower Brian McNamee stopped by, and Howard asked him why he was talking to the show and no one else. Brian explained that after testifying in front of Congress, there was only one place left to go. Howard asked how Brian got involved with Roger Clemens, so Brian said he was a team trainer – but was eventually let go by the Yankees, so Roger gave him a personal job: “I was also training Andy Pettitte at the time.”

Howard asked if he could improve his workout results with steroids, but Brian claimed he never knew much about steroids: “It wasn’t really part of my daily regimen. I was just doing what the players asked.” Howard wondered if Brian really had needles with Clemens’ DNA on them, and Brian avoided the question: “You’d have to talk to the DA about that…it’s not 100%.” Artie thought that meant there was Clemens DNA on the needles, but not steroids inside – again, Brian didn’t answer.

Clamming Up

Howard asked Brian if the steroid scandal had ruined his life, but Brian denied it: “I’m on The Howard Stern Show. How could it have ruined my life?” Artie didn’t think that meant much: “I’ve been on the show for eight years.” Howard and Artie also wanted to know about the time Brian injected Clemens’ wife with steroids, and after a thorough tooth-pulling, Brian finally admitted he injected ‘roids in her belly button in the couples’ master bathroom (Roger was present).

Meet Mai Tran

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned that Brian had brought a really hot chick with him this morning and invited her into the studio. Brian introduced everyone to Mai Tran and Artie immediately seized on her name: “you’re not a tranny are you?” Fortunately Mai is (and always has been) all woman. Mai explained that Brian has been training her for several years and the pair had recently started a Website with some friends where they talk about sports and people can play checkers against Mai.