Al Roker Loved Artie’s Book

February 10, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Al Roker came in early to promote his TNT show, “DEA,” as he has to head over to his other job on “The Today Show.” Al immediately told Artie he loved his book, calling it the feel bad book of the year, adding, “I was feeling bad before I read it. Now I’m like, ‘Hey, I feel ok. As long as I’m not dead, I’m doing better than this guy.'”

Continuing their earlier discussion, Howard asked if Al ever ran into an unclean woman in his travels, but Al denied it: “No. I got a little nervous when one had an EZ Pass, but no.” Howard asked Al about the bargaining chips he uses with NBC during negotiations, but Al claimed he never tried to play the I’m-getting-other-offers card: “I met with Mel Karmazin once when he was at CBS, but that was just because he was an interesting guy.”

Al did admit that his salary has improved dramatically over his first gig, when he made just ten dollars a newscast: “I was thinking, ‘I’m gonna do this until I get a real job.'”