The Romantic Life of Eliza Dushku

February 12, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eliza Dushku stopped by to promote her new TV series, “Dollhouse,” and Howard asked her if it was nice to be so fit and good-looking. Eliza deflected, saying she was just a tomboy from Boston. Howard also asked when Eliza became sexually active when she first moved to LA in her early teens, but Eliza denied it (“Not a very young age.”), joking that Mickey Rourke would’ve been first in line: “I was fourteen. I saw him in a hair salon. He was with his dog and feeding me Marlboros.”

Eliza told the crew that she got some good advice early in her teens: “That’s when my brothers gave me the talk about boys. Nobody likes a whore.” Eliza said that’s why she doesn’t date Hollywood-types: “I’ve dated chimney sweepers.” Artie was shocked: “What? Were you dating in the 1800s? [You] grew up in a Dickens novel or something?” Eliza replied that the guy was a bookie who swept chimneys on the side. Artie loved it: “Wow.”

‘Nobody Likes a Whore’

Eliza told the crew she became sexually active around 17 – and once made out with a girl in Vegas: “Some sleazy agent guy was like, ‘You should make out with her,’ and I was like, ‘Ok.'” Eliza said misbehavior could quickly betray a celebrity: she once had a “kiss and cuddle” with “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane and though she knew to stop there, the NYPost picked up the story/photos and claimed she’d been dating him. Howard asked why Eliza broke up with MLB pitching ace Brad Penny, so she explained that she was free to travel with him early on, but as she picked up work, they couldn’t spend as much time together: “I’m like an 18 month marker. At 18 months you either sink or sail…but he made a good move. He’s now on the Red Sox…when he first takes the mound at Fenway, I might freak out a little. I might…yeah.”

Double A Wants a Date with Eliza

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Double A came in dressed as Cupid to meet Eliza and Howard asked him how he got so fat. Double A confessed that he’d been doing “a lot of drinking.” Howard told Double A he must be slathered in cologne (“I can smell you over here.”) but Double A ignored him and made his move, asking Eliza: “What are you doing tonight? Can we get a date or something going on?” Eliza said she had to appear on Conan and do press all night long. Double A was excited: “That’s not a no!”

Staff Reactions to Eliza

After she left, Howard asked the guys what they’d do to Eliza if they had the chance. Gary went first: “I don’t know where to start…but if I were gonna do stuff to her, that would be the dress she should be wearing.” Benjy went next, using a soft voice (“I’d push her legs back…”) but Howard got creeped out and cut him off.