Jason Kaplan and Artie Lange Discuss Fatherhood

Howard wonders if his staffers are cut out to be parents

February 12, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard again joked that Jason Kaplan would not be a great father. “He sits around all day and smokes weed and does nothing with his life. He’s not father material,” he said.

Jason came in to say he now planned to have a kid just to prove him wrong. “I’d be a decent father, but I have a real fear of having a son and not being able to teach him how to be a real man,” he said.

Howard joked that the kid would be better off in an orphanage. “Octo-Mom is a better candidate,” he laughed before later telling Jason he was just joking and thought the staffer could make for a good parent.

While they were on the subject, Artie Lange confessed that he had a pregnancy scare a while ago with a stripper. “And this broad is looney tunes,” he said. “I was like, even after the kid is born, we might consider killing it.”

Artie laughed that the kid turned out not to be his: “I was one of eight candidates.”