No One is Returning Eric the Midgets Calls or Emails

February 24, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in, but before he could say anything, Howard read an email Eric sent the show yesterday that began “Hey you f’kers” and went on to blame the show for Johnny Fratto no longer taking his calls. The email made several other accusations – most regarding other people who won’t return his calls and/or emails anymore.

Artie didn’t think the show was at fault: “People aren’t calling you back because you’re an asshole.” Robin asked Eric why he never took responsibility for his own failing relationships, but Eric claimed it was always the show’s fault – and speculated that Johnny wasn’t talking to him because he’d admitted to masturbating on-air. Howard told Eric to stop for a second: “Think about how insane that sounds.” HowardTV then brought up Eric’s webcam feed on the in-studio monitors and everyone cringed at the sight of the pimples around Eric’s mouth.