Who’s Smarter: Gary or Wendy?

February 24, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard let a few callers play a round of Who’s the Smarter Retard? – a game in which Howard plays a clip of Sal asking Gary the Retard and Wendy the Retard trivia questions. The callers had to guess which one answered the questions correctly: Gary, Wendy or neither.

Howard then started in with the clips: How many legs does a snake have? The caller predicted that neither would know, but Gary knew snakes had no feet. Wendy did not: “Four?” What animal has babies called kittens? The caller failed again, guessing that Gary would know. Gary’s answer? “Roosters.” Wendy got it right. Where is the anus? The caller again went with Gary, and again Gary let him down: “Probably sex.” Wendy didn’t know either: “Your vagina?”

Rounds 2 and 3

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After the first caller struck out on just three questions, Howard gave a second caller a shot: How many states are there? The caller went with neither, but Gary knew the answer. Wendy did not: “Uh…200?” What animal makes pork? The caller again went with neither. Gary said: “A cow.” Wendy knew: “A pig.” What country do Chinese people come from? The caller struck out by guessing that Gary would get the answer right. Gary was actually close: “Korea?” Wendy was farther off: “Mexico?”

A third caller then tried his hand at the game: What is the name of our president? The caller went with Gary, and Gary killed it: “Barack Obama, you dummy.” Wendy was a little behind: “George Bush?” What superhero’s alter ego is Bruce Wayne? The caller said neither would know. Gary guessed: “Probably Superman.” Wendy was correct, if unsure: “Batman?” Who was Ronald Reagan? The caller again went with neither, but Wendy’s guessed correctly: “President?” What is H20? The caller correctly said neither. Gary offered: “Twenty?” Wendy was somewhere else entirely: “Halloween?” What animal has a pouch on her belly to carry her baby? The caller won buy guessing that Gary would know the answer. Wendy tried, but failed: “A panda bear?”