Artie and Dana Reunite at Letterman

March 4, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie confirmed a Howard100 News story that he brought Dana to his appearance on Letterman last night and repeatedly introduced her as his girlfriend: “It was an impulsive thing to say and it was probably the wrong thing to say…I would say that maybe we are trying to get back together.”

Artie added: “We love each other and we’ll always love each other.” Howard asked what stumbling blocks were keeping them from officially getting back together, so Artie joked: “We’re hoping for Liberty Media to give us a loan.” Artie explained that Dana had called to congratulate him on the success with his book, and after they’d talked for a while, he invited her to sit backstage during his (two-segment!) appearance.

Later, Steve Langford reported that Artie and Dana held hands backstage, so Artie became irritated: “People can’t even hold hands?” Artie finished the rest of the story himself, saying he got a kiss at the end of the night.

Artie then listed one of the reasons he loved Dana: “She’s one of those Jersey Italians who, when she gets angry, starts yelling and it’s so entertaining…she’s like [Andrew] Dice Clay.”