Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman on Mike Tyson’s Autobiography

March 17, 2009
Photo: Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos

Howard got Larry “Ratso” Sloman on the line to discuss the Mike Tyson “autobiography” he’s co-writing. Ratso said he actually won Tyson’s permission to help co-write the book by sending him a copy of Nietzsche’s “Ecce Homo.”

Howard asked if Tyson really weighs around 300lbs these days, and Ratso confirmed it: “He’s gained a little weight, yes.” Gary came in with some pictures to say Tyson had gained more than a “little” weight, and Howard laughed that he was right: “He’s huge!” Ratso said he’s been staying with Penn Gillette in Vegas while he and Mike work on the book – and has been amazed at Mike’s emotional, soft-spoken nature. Howard asked if Mike discussed the abuse allegations leveled at him by former girlfriend Robin Givens, but Ratso avoided the question: “He’s in a different place than he used to be emotionally.” Ratso said Mike is now all alone – his entourage abandoned him after he declared bankruptcy.

Tyson Will Make You Love Him

Howard wondered what Mike does all day, so Ratso cited Mike’s community service record: “He goes to high schools and talks about the dangers of drug abuse.” Ratso laughed that Mike’s come a long way, as he once even fought while high – he smoked pot before his fight with Andrew Golotta to calm down. Howard ended the interview by playing a clip from Mike’s greatest press conference: “I’ll f’ you till you love me, faggot.”