Eric the Midget Thinks Adam Lambert is Terrible

March 26, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard repeatedly mocked Eric the Midget’s “American Idol” commentary show, so Eric the Midget called in to defend himself: “I’m not gonna stop doing that show and it’s not horrible.” Eric added that current favorite Adam Lambert was “the worst contestant in the history of the show.”

HowardTV brought up Eric’s webcam feed on the in-studio monitors, and Howard pointed out a large red mark on Eric’s forehead. Eric explained that this was part of his condition: “It’s called Stork’s Footprint.” After Googling the condition, Fred laughed that he couldn’t find anything called “Stork’s Footprint” but did find an ailment called a “Stork Bite” and was also referred to as “Salmon Patch.”