Artie’s Successful Therapy Session

April 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie told the crew that he met with his therapist yesterday and things went well: “The guy is a bright guy, I think. I like him. I’m gonna go back.” Robin asked how often, so Artie laughed: “He thought three times a week would be good.”

Howard said Artie at least had that going for him: “Mine wanted four times a week.” However, when Artie revealed that the guy was now reading his book, Robin laughed that he would probably up that to seven days a week pretty soon.

Artie also revealed that the trainer he hired to hit ground balls to him was a little more than that. Artie explained that the guy is a veteran and former cop (he’s also the guy who flies Artie around in his helicopter) who is going to help him clean up his life. This includes getting his weight under control, kicking Subutex and quitting smoking. Artie added that the guy even threatened to ram him with his car if he ever sees him scoring heroin again.