Richard Christy Cries for his Pets

April 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played another voicemail Richard’s father left for his son recently, telling him that he had to dig another grave in the family’s pet cemetery when one of their dogs got hit by a car. This led Howard to discuss Richard’s revelation on yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show that he cried when one of his beloved catfish, Catfishy 2, died, despite his attempts to revive the fish.

Richard went on to tell about the first pet he cried for, Calfy, his pet cow, who went to the butcher. Howard asked if Richard and his family ate Calfy too, and Richard said they did, even though he cried when he was eating. Artie jokingly asked if he also cried when he shit Calfy out. Gary piped in that Richard currently has 5 fish (well 4 now) Catfishy, Catfishy 2 (RIP), Pinky, Bluey and Purple.