Let Beth in the Building

April 23, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show yelling at the HowardTV crew for not clearing Beth with building security yesterday – she had to wait in the lobby for half an hour before they’d let her up the elevator: “The HowardTV guys just shit on everyone in my family. It makes me look like a shit. It embarrasses me…the next time someone from my family comes in, send someone down there and have them sit in a chair.”

But No Baby-Talk Please

Howard asked Fred if, given the chance, he would start a family all over again at this age, but Fred said that was a really good question, but no, he’s too old now. Howard told the crew that someone (he wouldn’t say who) approached Beth privately to tell her how she would sacrifice some happiness for a child: “This person – their occupation is one where it wasn’t based on what she has to say but what her patients say…and she’s in the position to talk to a lot of women.”

Howard then played a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show of Beth saying she felt a lot of pressure to have a baby: “I’m hearing about pregnancy on a daily basis…I’m living baby world. I’m 36 years old. This is my world…I feel horrible pressure around me. Even my parents are asking, ‘Why are you not having children?'”