Colin Quinn is Skinny and Alone

April 29, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Colin Quinn stopped by to promote his new one-man show (on Broadway) and everyone marveled at how skinny he looked. Colin said he dropped the pounds with diet, exercise and the decision to never eat after 7pm. Colin also told the crew that his one-man show was about how society has turned from a nation of labor workers to desk jockeys, but Howard didn’t think it sounded like a great time: “And that’s funny?”

Dennis Hof Ruin’s Colin’s Day

Colin told a story about running into Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and learning two things that crushed his soul: 1. “Bunny Ranch” is in its 7th season at HBO (and Colin can’t get HBO to buy any of his show ideas). 2. All the Bunny Ranch whores say Eric the Midget is “pretty well hung.”

The Abstinent Comedian

Howard wondered why Colin slept over at Reverend Bob Levy’s house, so Colin explained: “I just crash at Bob’s whenever we have two shows [back to back].” In a similarly pathetic vein, Colin admitted that he was still abstaining from sex so he could focus on work: “I go to my house and jerk off sometimes.” Howard then welcomed Rosie and Claire, a couple of acting students helping Colin with his one-man show, and tried to help Colin by asking if they were attracted to him. Both said they found him hot (“He’s a silver fox.”), but knew he was interested in someone else.