Gary’s First Pitch Jitters

May 5, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Recently, Gary told the crew he was going to be throwing out the first pitch at this Saturday’s Mets game, and it has really been wearing on his nerves: “I’d rather be in a ‘copter getting shot at.”

Gary said he went out yesterday and threw 100 pitches, and while 95 were perfect, 5 were very wild. Howard laughed: “So now he’s focusing on the ones that went wild.” Gary wondered if he could avoid boos by throwing together with his son, but Artie didn’t think so: “Met fans are assholes.” Robin agreed: “They will boo anybody.”

And the Catheter Looms

Lisa G reported that Gary has to have what’s left of his kidney stone ultrasound-blasted again or have to endure the catheter-assisted surgical removal. Howard thought this was the perfect distraction for Gary’s Mets game pitch: “Don’t think about your pitch. Think about the camera going up your cock.”