Lisa G’s New Dating Attitude

May 11, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed Lisa Lampanelli and Lisa G to the studio to promote their Win A Date with Lisa G special (tonight on Howard101 at 7pm ET) and told Lisa G what to wear for her date: “A micro-mini with four inch heels. No panties. Do the whole thing. Go crazy. Let yourself live. Air it out.”

Lisa Lampanelli didn’t think Lisa G would heed Howard’s advice: “She is the most un-fun c#%t ever and I love her.” Lisa Lampanelli said she’d pre-selected tonight’s contestants, which included a musician, a video editor and a news anchor. Lisa G promised to go in to the show with an open mind, but Artie thought she should do one better: “You should go in with open legs.” Lisa G replied that she couldn’t become someone totally different.