Lisa Lampanelli Has a New Man

May 11, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa told the crew she met an Italian man named Jimmy three weeks ago and planned to marry him: “It’s meant to be.” Jimmy came in to say hi and bragged that Lisa gave great head: “No teeth – she works the boys.” Lisa said Jimmy had “the Brad Pitt of penises” and huge balls: “When he bangs me from behind, I’m so scared those bocce balls will break my c#%t.” Jimmy admitted they were large: “Like get-in-the-way big.”

Howard asked if Lisa could swallow a load from Jimmy’s massive balls, and Lisa nodded: “Of course. I’m in love.” Lisa said she usually forbids threesomes and anal penetration with most boyfriends: “But when I’m bed [with Jimmy] I always say I’ll do that shit.” Jimmy laughed: “I get so confused.” Robin suggested that the Lisas double date, but Lampanelli laughed it off: “Well, no. She’s not fun.”