Howard and Mad Dog on Gary’s First Pitch

May 12, 2009

Howard laughed that he was watching YouTube clips of ceremonial first pitches yesterday and found several people who threw better than Gary: Kim Kardashian, a blind guy and some dude with an Eric the Midget-esque bone disease. Howard then played a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show of Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo seeing (and evaluating) Gary’s pitch for the first time: “Oh my god! Oh no! That is not bad, that is pathetic…Yoga Berra’s 80, he throws better than you. That’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Gary’s Coaches Fess Up

Howard demanded to know what Stu, Gary’s sports psychologist, had told him to do, so Gary came in to report that Stu had instructed him to go over his worst fears and put failure in perspective. Stu then called in to explain his aborted method for Gary: “What we didn’t have time to do was get into some visualization.”

Howard asked Stu if Gary was his biggest failure, but Stu didn’t count the experience, as he only met with Gary once: “Usually I ask for an 8 week commitment.” Mitch, Gary’s pitching coach, also called in to say Gary was just too nervous: “When we worked with him, he was fine…I told him he should take like 10 shots before he throws out the ball.” Gary nodded, saying he wasn’t given the chance – as he’d hoped – to warm up. Robin and Fred then floated the theory that Gary flubbed the ball on purpose, but Gary dismissed the idea.