Len Berman and Johnny Damon on Gary’s First Pitch

May 12, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Len Berman of LenBermanSports.com called in to evaluate Gary’s pitch: “I just have one question – that pitch was AFTER he met with the psychologist and pitching coach?” Len added that even President Bush got it across the plate, and he had to wear a bulletproof vest. Len also threw Gary a bone, citing a few pitches he’d seen that were worse – but most were intentionally bad. Len rated Gary’s pitch as maybe the 6th or 7th worst he’d ever seen.

New York Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon also called in to weigh in on Gary’s pitch – but first wanted to know where Gary was aiming. Gary joked that he was aiming for the umpire. Johnny said he wished he could say it was one of the worst he’d seen, “but it could’ve been a lot worse.” Howard asked if it was in the worst 5 he’d seen, and Johnny laughed: “Yes.”