Artie Makes Sketch Show History

May 19, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie announced that he may have made sketch television history Saturday night by appearing in both the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” and the series finale of “Mad TV.”

Artie said the “SNL” appearance happened spontaneously after Marci Klein saw him hanging with Norm MacDonald backstage and demanded he appear on stage with Norm during the season’s final sketch. On stage during the traditional “goodbye” segment, Lorne Michaels shook Artie’s hand. Artie apologized for rushing the show but Lorne brushed it off, saying it was alright.

Later, Artie borrowed Craig Gass’ girlfriend’s cellphone to call his 25-year-old lady friend: “Gass was like, ‘Are you gonna give this back?'” Artie said he actually had to stay at the party until 5:30am because he couldn’t find Craig: “We ended up leaving the party at 5:30 and getting home at 6 and grabbing breakfast. It was like the old days but sober.” Later, Craig Gass called in to tell Howard how strange it was to have Artie ask to borrow the phone – but confirmed that he had only called the one number.