Lisa G Will Shave for Her Date

May 20, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G said her date with the newscaster winner of Win A Date with Lisa G was fun: “It was nice…I wore heels. Well, my heels are not your heels. They’re not Miss HowardTV heels.” Howard hoped they weren’t the ones Lisa was wearing in the studio: “Those are orthopedic heels.”

Lisa added that she and her date talked for 2 and a half hours: “I walked away with the feeling that he’s a very nice, decent person and that’s very attractive to me.” Howard wondered if they kissed and Artie speculated that Lisa’s date had surpassed all her previous experiences: “At 2 and a half hours, has it been your longest relationship?” Lisa denied everything, saying 2.5 hours was a good sign: “10 minutes is a long time with someone you don’t like.” Artie joked: “Welcome to your newscast.”

Lisa said they’d be going out again this Friday night: “I will shave my legs and my armpits.”