Paula Froelich Pockets Celebrity Secrets

June 9, 2009
Photo: PRPhotos

Page Six gossip columnist Paula Froelich called in to promote her new book, “Mercury in Retrograde,” and claimed she only prints 10% of what she knows – but repeats 20% of it. Howard asked how she got so close to the celebrities she covers, so Paula explained that some, like Paris Hilton, just seek her out for coverage: “I think she’s just a sociopathic liar. She just freaks me out.” Paula said the gossip industry often functions without stars’ knowledge, citing a time she was confronted by “Sopranos” star Edie Falco for printing a story on her breast cancer – and had to tell Edie that her own “people” had collaborated on the item: “I worked with them all day and they actually called up and thanked me.”

Sleeping with Star?

Howard asked Paula how she ended up in bed with Star Jones, so she explained that they were staying at a “super expensive” hotel in Monaco: “I promise you we were in a king-sized bed. She was on one side and I was on the other.” Paula added that she’d seen stars in even worse private moments: one time she found Nick Nolte passed out sitting on the toilet with his pants down after having taken the biggest, smelliest shit she’d ever witnessed.