Reclaiming the Homeless Guy Game

June 15, 2009

Howard reclaimed his man-on-the-street bits from Jay Leno with a round of “The Homeless Guy Game” – a listener played along, trying to predict if a homeless dude would be able to answer trivia questions.

Each time, the listener bet against the poor guy: What is 50% of 500? The listener correctly predicted that the homeless guy would blow it: ‘500 dollars-no 50-50 dollars.’ Whose nickname is J-Lo? The answer was unintelligible. What is Seinfeld’s first name? The homeless guy’s answer was quick: “Jerry Seinfeld.” How much is 3 cubed? The homeless guy’s answer made little sense: “Five thirty.” Can you name 3 STDs? Without pause: “Gonorrhea. AIDS. Herpes.”