Ronnie vs. Corky

June 24, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Corky, Miss Howard Stern’s ex-husband, called in to take issue with Ronnie for calling the new Camaro a “piece of shit” on his recent auto show. Ronnie came in to defend himself: “Check out the Challenger, that’s a real retro car…This ain’t Hot Rod magazine, pal. It’s a f’ing auto show.”

Corky said Ronnie was such a pussy, he’d let Ronnie punch him as hard as he could: “Just to show you what a pussy he is.” After quizzing the two on car trivia and witnessing more than a few flare-ups, Howard decided that the two nemeses should face-off on Ronnie’s next auto show. Ronnie was fine with the idea so long as Corky was just a “special guest.”