Howard on Michael Jackson’s Death

July 13, 2009
Photo: PRPhotos

Howard confessed that his first thought after hearing about Michael Jackson’s death was that Michael wasn’t the father of his children: “I don’t think they even used his sperm.” Howard said Michael just wanted children around, noting that Michael had always kept the kids faces covered when he was alive but the day after he died, there they were.

Howard told the crew about a meeting he once had with Michael: “It is so scary to see a man who’s done what he’s done to himself…he was like Frankenstein.” Howard added that Michael behaved as if he was medicated: “He didn’t know what to say. I said, ‘F’ this. I give up.'” Artie noted that even he was shocked by reports of the drugs found near Michael’s body: “They were mentioning drugs in this stuff that I’ve never [touched]…it really is a sad story.”