Scott DePace is Not Father of the Year

July 23, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came in to laugh that HowardTV’s Scott DePace was asking around if he was a Father of the Year candidate, as Scott barely spends time with his kids. Scott argued that he was a great father, saying he’d even coach their little league team if it weren’t for all the creepy hoops he had to jump through, like a background check and a 3-hour coaching class at Rutgers. Gary laughed that his kids’ little league asked him to jump through the same hoops – but he happily went through with it.

Howard didn’t think Scott was even close to competing with Gary’s dedication to his kids: “Gary’s such a great dad, his kids call him mom.” Scott said he spent lots of time with his kids, taking them to the golf course, playing video games and going out to eat: “I took them out to dinner last night!”

Fred asked Scott to name an activity he did with his kids that wasn’t something he enjoyed, and after some thought, Scott replied: “The pool. I hate going to the pool. I’ll do that every once in a while.”

Gary is the Perfect Father

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard told Scott to stop comparing himself with Gary: “Don’t get in a contest with Gary. He’s the perfect father.” Under questioning, Scott couldn’t name any books he’d read his kids: “Something about spaghetti falling on your head…my son Derek loves all that superhero stuff.” Howard then held up proof of Scott’s negligent behavior: a photo of Scott holding his son while smoke from a cigar in Scott’s mouth blew into his son’s face