Scott Depace Loves Dominance

July 27, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard revealed that HowardTV’s Scott DePace has been working with the dog trainer Beth set him up with, so Scott came in to say he’d been instructed to throw a beanbag at Cookie instead of hitting her: “[The trainer] said positive reinforcement does not always work…he’s got me growling at the dog.” Scott confessed that he liked one aspect of the training: “Everything’s about dominance…it seems like it’s working.”

While Scott was in-studio, the conversation somehow devolved into a debate about Affirmative Action, during which Scott admitted that he resents the opportunities some black people get. Howard believed some minorities need a leg-up, as support structures for them in education and the workforce are still developing: “We’ve only had 40 years in our history [in which] segregation was unconstitutional.”