And In This Corner…

George discusses his sex life with Brad.

July 28, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

George declared that his marriage to Brad has been great for their sex life, but over the past two weeks, they’ve fallen back into their old Sundays-only pattern: “We’ve been traveling a lot and we’re both tired.” Howard said he once confronted Beth over some sex acts he enjoys: “I said, ‘There’s things I need to do,’ and she said, ‘Ok,’ and then we never did ’em!”

George said he understood, referencing Brad’s physique: “He’s stopped running completely.” George told the crew that he and Brad often wrestle before sex: “We start embracing and then that gets more muscular…it’s an erotic-sensual you-know…we transition from that.” George said there were several approaches: “It might begin with a leap and he’ll grab me…it’s give and take.” Richard then came in to ask if George would wrestle him to show everyone what he meant, but George refused: “It could get back [to Brad].”