News Flash: Is Lisa G a D?

July 29, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G came in with the morning’s headlines, but Howard cut her off with some “insane” news: when Lisa and Beth O went bra shopping yesterday, the professional bra-sizer declared that Lisa was a 30D – possibly even a DD!

Howard couldn’t believe it: “Lisa is pretty flat.” Lisa stripped off her sweater to prove it: “I’m wearing the new bra today.” Artie asked to feel Lisa up for confirmation: “I want you to feel better. This is for you.” Lisa refused.

Later, Ronnie came in upset and screaming that Lisa should take here “brar” off and put on a shirt without any bra support: “C’mon Lisa, be a team player!” Ronnie was so irate, tears were coming out his eyes: “I want you take your f’ing brar off! I’m f’ing crying, man!

We wanna see what the size looks like, that’s all.” Howard laughed: “Lisa, you’ve done it again. You’ve set the place on fire.”