Howard Prepares For Beth’s Absence

September 3, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he and Beth O were discussing her upcoming month-long trip to LA and Beth told him he could sleep with another woman while she was away. Howard said he knew Beth wasn’t serious and was trying to be playful and sexy – but the ploy backfired: “Erotic to me is ‘I don’t want you f’ing another woman ever.’ That turns me on…I’ve emotionally evolved.”

Artie told Howard to tell Beth that if she needed to get a hold of him that she could find him at Rick’s Cabaret, but Howard didn’t think he’d be visiting Rick’s. Robin told Howard he was making an issue out of nothing: “You choose to be miserable…you just don’t want her to have a life.”

Howard snapped, “Of course,” and went on to claim he was happy she had a life outside the marriage but was going to have a hard time with her temporary absence – even though he had recommended that she take the job.