The Howard100 News Sign-Off Debate

September 3, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show in which Lisa G confessed to being so upset by Howard’s demand that she change her sign-off that she had to take an aspirin after leaving the studio: “I got such a headache. I guess it just pushed my buttons.”

Lisa explained she thought she came to satellite radio to work “out of the box,” and Howard took issue: “No. I work out of the box. You work in the box…I want a uniform sound for the news.”

Howard also picked up an idea of Steve Langford’s: the reporters now have to sign-off with their name, Howard100 News and their location – in that order. So Lisa’s reports must end, for example, with “Lisa G, Howard100 News, in the bathroom.”

Howard also asked that Shuli and Lisa G use their full names. Lisa later came in to say she’d legally change her name to get around the rule: “I’ll do it if that’s what it takes…I’ve been Lisa G since 1990.”

Howard laughed: “Yeah and that really hasn’t worked out so well.”