The Homeless Person Game

September 9, 2009

Howard gave a caller named Joe a chance to win $711 in a round of The Homeless Person Game, explaining that Joe would have to guess whether or not the homeless person can answer trivia questions correctly. 3 out of 5 takes the prize.

What do the stars on the US flag represent? Joe bet against the homeless woman, but she knew the answer: “Stars is supposed to be representing the states that we have.” Howard, however, ruled this as the warm-up question, so it didn’t count against Joe. What does FDA stand for? Joe correctly bet against the homeless woman, who answered: “Federal something.” What does the DC stand for in Washington DC? Joe incorrectly bet against the homeless woman, who knew it stood for District of Columbia. What is the capitol of New York state? Joe correctly bet the woman would know it was Albany. What state is the Grand Canyon in?

Joe took the cash prize by betting against the woman: “Well last time I heard, that was in Colorado.”